30 tools social media professionals can’t live without

The array of online implements covers a variety of functions, but there was one clear-cut winner, and it might surprise you.

Managing a social media campaign, or 23, can be a daunting task.

Juggling accounts, scheduling updates, and obtaining metric goals are the name of the game. To make our lives easier, we asked several top social media professionals what tools they could not live without.

To our surprise, there were not that many tools, software elements, or extensions that were recommended more than once. There was only one clear-cut winner, though only four professionals agreed on this one extension. The name of the extension will probably surprise you, too. After that we have a seven-way tie for second place.

We did have one expectation, which contributed to our asking this question in the first place: that there is still a massive need in social media management for clear-cut, comprehensive social media tools. Especially when focusing on adding targeted followers to your accounts. We just didn’t think it was going to be this blatantly clear.

Before we tell you the No. 1 social media management tool, we want to highlight a few unknowns: great tools that are simply too new to be widely used at this point.


BuzzStream is an amazing tool for researching the contact information of influencers within a given niche. The tool pulls contact emails from the entire website and enables you to take notes, highlight the quality of their social following/website, and track your progress as you reach out to those people. It also features a Google Alerts like search function, link monitoring, and imports emails from associated addresses into their UI so you can manage influencer outreach.

One of the coolest features (and there are many cool features) is the outreach app. Simply visit the influential website, click the Buzzmarker link on your tool bar, and plug in the information.

After filling in that information, the contact is save into your BuzzStream account, where you can then monitor the amount of emails you have sent, responses received, inbound links from their website to yours and more.

Check out this user interface:

This webapp makes influencer outreach and networking scalable.


BuzzSumo, which is, as far as we know, unrelated to BuzzStream is a very simple tool that allows the user to glean valuable information about what types of content are shared on which social media platforms most often.

First, select your content filter. Second, select your time frame. Third, enter the keyword.

After you have selected the type of content you seek, your list is very quickly populated. Here you can see what content type is receiving the most shares on the reporting networks.

The No.1 most-used, must-use social media tool?


CircleCount is an extension for managing your Google+ marketing and following. There are three facets. First, you can see who the most active, engaging, and influential people on G+ are very easily. You can break it down by gender, region, etc. This enables you to focus on people who are worth your time and that are posting relevant content.

The second facet is similar to Facebook analytics. It allows you to see your most popular post, most re-shared, most commented etc. You can see break downs of when your posts are being engaged with:

You can also see a graph of your followers, percentage increase by day, and how those users are finding you:

The third facet is excellent for knowing who within your network is sharing and engaging with your content. This tool alone has aided us in reaching out to people who are already stoked on our content. Google+ offers this functionality outside CircleCount, but CircleCount makes it easy to access:

Here’s the full list of top social media tools:

1. CircleCount

2. Circloscope

3. Sprout Social

4. HootSuite

5. SocialBro

6. Tweet Adder

7. Facebook Insights

8. Google Analytics

9. BuzzStream

10. Buzzsumo

11. Iftt

12. Allmyplus

13. Empire Avenue

14. Just Retweet

15. Tweet Deck

16. Unified Social

17. Klout

18. Unfollowers

19. Avenue.io

20. Twitter Counter

21. Social Oomph

22. NOD3X

23. Manage Flitter

24. One Qube

25. Ad Espresso

26. Edge Adexchange

27. Google Alerts

28. WhoUnfollow

29. InstaFollow

30. Commun.It

A version of this article first appeared on Waston & Nowlin’s blog, where you can read more about what each social media pro had to say.


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