37 alternatives to the word ‘seasoned’

Communicators are often writing or editing bios, profiles and new hire announcements. Here are some ways to add new flavors to these bland tasks.

'Seasoned' alternatives

Have you ever referred to your boss, executives, or co-workers as “seasoned”?

Consider these examples:

“Ann is a well-seasoned marketing executive.”“Jaden is a seasoned lecturer with 20 years of experience in high tech.”

Please stop.

Part of your role as a corporate communicator is to write profiles and bios for your clients and executives. Though it’s difficult to come up with new ways to describe your subject’s work experience, the adjective “seasoned” describes food. Pork ribs can be seasoned. Grilled vegetables can be seasoned. People are not seasoned.

Next time you’re writing a bio, opt for a more precise and descriptive term instead of the meaningless and unimaginative word “seasoned.” Consider these alternatives.

Remember: Not all of these options will work in every “seasoned professional” scenario, but they can at least be used to add variety to your writing.

1. Accomplished

2. Adept

3. Admitted

4. Adroit

5. Authentic

6. Consummate

7. Deft

8. Disciplined

9. Epicurean

10. Equipped

11. Established

12. Experienced

13. Expert

14. Initiated

15. Inveterate

16. Knowledgeable

17. Masterful

18. Polished

19. Practiced

20. Primed

21. Preeminent

22. Proficient

23. Professional

24. Proven

25. Refined

26. Savvy

27. Schooled

28. Skilled

29. Sophisticated

30. Tested

31. Tried and true

32. Virtuoso

33. Qualified

34. Well-grounded

35. Well-versed

36. Wise

37. Worldly

What do you think, Ragan/PR Daily readers? Any others to add to the list?

Laura Hale Brockway is a writer/editor/marketer living in Austin, Texas. Read more of her work on PR Daily and at Impertinent Remarks.


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