4 easy ways to make your messages warm, personal and authentic

Employees (and customers) can smell phony corporate baloney a mile away. Prioritize compelling, emotional imagery, and give user-generated content a try.

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How to communicate like a human

If the goal of internal communication is to engage, empower and influence employees, then communicators must create content that stirs emotions.

Employees can smell fake, phony corporate baloney a mile away. Pieces that are contrived or written in corporate-speak leave employees bored and your messaging ignored.

Regardless of your industry, a human approach to communication resonates better than a stiff, robotic tone of voice. Think of it as a person-to-person conversation rather than blasting emails out to a sea of faceless employees.

A person-to-person approach levels the playing field of the conversation. It prevents the language from becoming too stilted and formal—or from talking down to employees. It clears the way for a conversation between equals.

Taking a more “human” approach to communication sounds abstract, but it’s not complex. Try these four easy ways to promote authenticity in your organization:

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