4 punctuation marks that are tired of being misused

Give them the justice they deserve with this free download filled with easy-to-remember tips.

They do more than loom in the corner of your keyboard.

Punctuation marks bring important meaning and context to your words and sentences—yet novice and experienced writers alike sometimes struggle with them.

If the following marks have ever kept you up at night, you’re not alone:

1. Question marks. Should you use one at the end of a sentence that begins with “guess”?

2. Em dashes. Does that side note call for one of these, or a set of parentheses?

3. En dashes. How is this different from an em dash?

4. Exclamation points. Do they have a place in your business email?

You don’t need to resign yourself to confusion. Get the answers to these and other questions in Ragan’s FREE white paper, 10 Punctuation Essentials.

You’ll get simple, straightforward guidance to finally see eye to eye with all those tricky punctuation marks.

Download the white paper here, and never misuse a comma or hyphen again.


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