4 ways brands are sparking meaningful engagement on social media

Grab some creative inspiration from a handful of companies’ digital efforts.

Creative social media engagement

COVID-19 has overturned just about every aspect of everyday life—including our social media feeds.

What’s OK to post? Should we carry on promoting products, or should we just wait until COVID-19 chaos abates?

There’s no telling when things will return to “normal,” so take inspiration from how these companies are engaging followers amid during these difficult times.

Inspiring followers to cook.

Cooking creative meals every day can be extremely frustrating and difficult.

Metro Inc., a Canadian grocery store, is engaging its followers on Facebook by sharing recipe ideas every week from noted food bloggers. Whether it’s how to make strawberry doughnuts or crafting a hearty seafood pasta from fresh local vegetables, the company’s finding tasteful  ways to connect.

Well-known brands such as Baskin Robbins and Tim Hortons have also come out with DIY kits featuring its sundaes and Dream Doughnuts to make it easier for customers to recreate their go-to snack at home.

Using Twitter—and hip-hop—to encourage social distancing.

It’s hard to break the habit of touching items at the grocery store, and it requires concentration to keep our carts six feet apart.

No Frills, a Canadian chain of discount supermarkets, has found a fun way to remind people of social distancing rules through a track dropped on Twitter called “A Cart Apart.” The music is fun, funny—and educational.

Using Instagram to share workout ideas. 

Staying fit in a quarantine is no easy task.

To encourage people to work out at home more consistently, GoodLife Fitness has been sharing workout tips on Twitter. It also schedules fun Instagram live workouts with different coaches.

Encouraging prospective entrepreneurs to pursue big ideas.

With unemployment rates skyrocketing, now’s not a bad time to start a new venture.

Staples Canada has been using its Twitter feed and blog to inspire prospective entrepreneurs by sharing helpful content on how to start your own business, how to work productively at home and how small businesses can enhance their online presence.

Samiha Fariha is an account executive at Torchia Communications. Follow Samiha on Twitter or connect with her on LinkedIn.


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