47 percent of companies use social media to find new business

Survey shows a 7 percent increase from last year.

More global firms are turning to social media to find new business, according to Regus survey via TheStreet.com.

China and India lead the pack: 65 percent of Chinese firms (versus 44 percent last year) and 61 percent of Indian companies (versus 52 percent last year) successfully use social media to acquire new customers.

Next are the Netherlands and Mexico.

Forty-three percent of U.S. firms (versus 35 percent in 2010) use social media to gain customers, the report says, implying there is room for growth.

There is also room for improvement in how American firms use social media. Another recent survey showed that only 40 percent measure the ROI of their social media efforts quarterly or annually, and 31 percent measuring on an ad hoc basis, or not at all.

Studies from Forrester, Pew Research and the Altimeter Group have shown how important the trend for sharing content is, yet when PRESSfeed, the social media newsroom, studied the websites of U.S. companies, it discovered a big gap in the implementation of these strategies and tools.

  • 34 percent of Fortune 100 companies have share buttons on their website
  • 13 percent have share buttons on their newsroom content
  • 22 percent of INC 500 companies have share options on their website
  • 6 percent of INC 500 have share buttons on their newsroom content

While adoption of social media gallops on, companies around the globe would do well to pay attention to the implementation of their social media strategy.

Sally Falkow is a social media coach and blogs at The Proactive Report where this article originally ran. You can follow her on Twitter @sallyfalkow.


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