5 alternative uses for your press release

A nip here, a tuck there—or maybe (gasp!) some elaboration—and you’ve repurposed it into a memo, a white paper, even a series of blog posts.

Tired of seeing newspapers reject your press release? Feel like you’re writing all the time with no payoff? Then it’s time for a change in tactics. Instead of repeatedly doing the same thing and getting the same result, why not transform your press release into something else entirely.

Here are five ideas about what to do with your press release besides emailing it to your contact list with a goodbye kiss and crossed fingers.

1. A download

Remember your first draft of the release? It was probably much longer and more involved than the final draft. Find that original version, extract all the information you can, and see whether you can turn it into a handout, white paper, case study or even an e-book. From there, you can offer your transformed press release to the interested public as free, additional info when they stop by your site to check out your product or service, or perhaps as a carrot to get them to join your mailing list. And the space limitations of a press release have vanished!

2. Internal memo

You should consider how well informed your co-workers are, and keeping them up to date is easy with press releases. Instead of writing releases for the public, distribute them internally. Updates on the company’s successes and news about upcoming changes will be appreciated. Plus, you can use more personal language in an internal memo—but don’t make it unprofessional.

3. Search engine optimization (SEO)

When you know a press release is going up on your website, you can stock it with juicy keywords to benefit your SEO. However, make sure it’s still readable and not obvious link bait. If carefully planned, you can bring new visitors to your company’s site with a little well-placed SEO.

4. Blog post

What’s a press release but an overgrown blog post? Instead of wasting all that writing on your local newspaper, spruce it up into a ready-made blog post. You might even turn it into several blog posts for a series. This way you get way more mileage out of that simple little story than just a few glances from your neighbors and local businesses.

5. Sales kit

The ideal press release expresses the excellence of your company’s products and services to a wide variety of people, so they’ll become invested in your business. Sounds like a great addition to your sales kit.

Fix the press release up by focusing on your customers. If you want to make your product sound terrific, here’s your chance to turn a real story into an awesome pitch.

Mickie Kennedy is the CEO and founder of eReleases and blogs at PR Fuel.

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