5 devastating mistakes in managing millennials

The transient nature of Generation Y might be a direct result of employers’ failure to trust and challenge those younger staffers. Are you mishandling this cadre of tech-savvy newbies?

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Ah, millennials: the generation that has received more coverage than any other in the past few years.

They’re perpetual job-hoppers, they’re entitled, they’re not driven, they don’t have real goals, they’re lazy. One big millennials headline that we’ve left out? They’re hard to manage.

It may be true that some millennials require different management techniques from other age groups, but their different way of working doesn’t make them hard to manage. You just have to take time to understand them.

Check out our list of ways to mismanage millennials, written by a millennial:

1. Don’t give them opportunities to learn.

One key element that millennials look for in a new employer? The opportunity to grow.

Some millennials are coming into the workforce right out of college without learning what they need to know about life, much less the professional fields they’re entering.

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