5 inappropriate ways to respond to criticism

Pointing to someone and saying “I know you are, but what am I” should be left on the playground.

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Others, however, respond to criticism in ways that makes them look really, really bad.

The ramifications of these silly mistakes can be extensive and far-reaching.

I’ve pulled some parallel reactions from fictional characters to illustrate my point.

1. “Last I checked, Theoden, not Aragorn, was King of Rohan.” ~ King Theoden. Some people respond to criticism (constructive though it may be) in a fashion akin to this king. In non-Tolkienesque language, one might say, “This is my house, yo.” This really doesn’t have a positive effect on spectators of the conversation. Chest pumping is something you often see on nature shows about chimpanzees. Surely we can do better?

2. “Or did you think I wouldn’t know what a Eugoogaly was?” ~ Zoolander. Zoolander is trying to say the word “eulogy” but of course he doesn’t really know what the word means. Sometimes, in response to criticism, people will attempt to make a come-back only to reveal further they really don’t know what they’re talking about. This can convince people who previously thought well of you that maybe they chose the wrong team.

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