5 new ways to tag Facebook photos to pages

How to take advantage of the ability to tag brands, products and companies to photos.

If you haven’t already noticed, Facebook recently released a new tagging system for the photo galleries on Facebook pages and profiles.

We now have the ability to tag photos with a brand, product, company or person’s Facebook page, similar to the way you tag your friends in photos. When a page is tagged, the photo will show up on the Photos tab—not on the wall like many personal accounts.

But why is this development important to you, the business or organization? There are about 30 billion reasons.

According to a recent statistic by Royal Pingdom, Facebook users share a total of about 30 billion pieces of content (video, photos, notes, links) per month. 30 billion. Almost four billion pieces of that content are pictures.

So what does it mean? Here are some ways you can use the new feature to further your brand on Facebook:

1. Tag your brand at a sponsored event

If you are a brand that sponsored an event and the photos are published on Facebook, it is extremely important for you to tag yourself in the pictures to further your brand.

2. Tag your brand within a product photo

A brand can now tag itself in a photo of an individual using the product. If you know of an individual who posted a picture using, consuming or purchasing your product, tag yourself. It could mean additional exposure.

3. Encourage influencers to build a deeper connection

We have been spouting for years about the importance of building an influencer base within a social network or online community. You now have the opportunity to further the relationship with the influencer and their network. Encourage your influencers to tag themselves with your page, using your product.

4. Create emphasis around a philanthropy or activity

Many brands encourage their fans, followers and consumers to improve in areas of life other than the brands’ specific fulfilled need. Toyota encourages people to help the environment, and other large brands send aid to foreign countries. Allow your users to tag themselves in photos supporting an activity that is positive to their personal lives, but may not be related to your brand.

5. Take more ownership in brand use

Positive or negative, the world of social media opened up the flood gates of consumer conversations around brands and products. We as business professionals have been assaulted with both positive and negative reviews. Tagging images allows you to become more in tune with your consumer base. Encourage people to post a picture about a negative experience with your brand. That is where true change happens. Ask Domino’s.

Kyle Lacy is principal at MindFrame, a digital direct response company focusing on donor engagement and technology for nonprofits.


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