5 reasons to add images to social media right now

Is your blog or Facebook filled with text only?

It’s a well-known fact that people are visual. They like things that attract their eyes, like color and images.

So why do so many business bloggers forget this? Why are their sites filled with words and empty of color, photos or images?

Here are five reasons to add images to your blog, Facebook, and other social media accounts today:

1. Drive traffic from Pinterest

The new big thing in social media, Pinterest, is all about the pictures. This growing monster is something all businesses should keep an eye on and utilize as soon as possible.

Everyone can see everything on Pinterest, which makes it ripe for the picking. All you need is one great image and people will come flocking, click on the link embedded in the image, and end up at your website or blog.

Of course, the image will need something to back it up or it is sort of pointless, but still. The idea is there.

2. Generate likes and comments

Facebook likes and comments are great. They get attention and get the word out. The problem is engagement. There is so much on Facebook, how do you stand out? Images. The perfect picture will make you pop, and is so much more viable than any blog link or status update. Try it. You’ll see.

3. Promote shares

As with comments and likes, shares are great. But they go one better, they get your name out there in a way that says “valid.” If you can get other businesses to back you, then you’ve got it made. Even better, friends backing you up means that you are trusted, which means you’ll get more interest from customers. Your fans will want to share memorable images you post to Facebook with their friends.

4. Get attention

Pictures get attention and keep it. It takes only a split second to look at an image, versus a few to read a summary or small paragraph. Which one is more likely to get instantly “liked”? Don’t make people think too long or hard at first. Get them in and then you can work on keeping them with content.

5. Improve memory muscle

Pictures stick out in your mind. You can read something, but not remember a sentence. If you see a great photo, however, you remember it.

Make your business memorable with great images. No matter what your business or blog niche, images will only help. Grab them with a great image and then don’t let them go.

Christine Kane from internet providers, is a graduate of communication and journalism. This post first appeared at JeffBullas.com.

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