5 simple ways to boost productivity, morale and engagement

Keep technology up to date, accommodate different working styles, and be generous with flex time.

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Working efficiently cuts down on waste, which often means bigger profits.

Productivity, however, is not just a matter of working faster or doing more with less. It’s about creating a workplace environment that inspires, motivates and empowers employees to do their best work.

Here are five ways to increase productivity in your workplace:

1. Keep technology up to date and in good repair.

Do you have a copier that’s always breaking? Does your company use a program that desperately needs to be updated? Are your computers ancient and slow? Do you rely on an app or website that’s not user friendly?

When employees spend time fighting with finicky technology, tasks take longer. Stopping to fight with a printer or waiting for a computer to load means lost time during that specific task, but it also takes a substantial toll on workers—not to mention potential customers.

Beyond sapping productivity, substandard technology affects recruiting, retention and employee engagement. If you wait until things break, or if you skimp on technology upgrades, chances are your best employees will find a company that appreciates the importance of seamless, hassle-free tech.

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