5 social media updates crucial for marketers

New algorithms and features are altering the online landscape. Here’s advice on mastering the latest tools and toys on popular platforms.

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To make the most of social media, marketers must stay up to date with platforms’ developments and updates.

Here are important changes you must know about:

1. Facebook changes its news feed algorithm.

Facebook examines patterns that appear in its users’ interactions, such as being tagged in the same photos, getting continuous reactions and comments on the same post, and checking in at the same places. Facebook then uses these patterns to inform its algorithm to predict which friends people want to hear from the most.

Facebook has adjusted its news feed to decrease the reach of business pages and prioritize users’ personal connections. The people behind Facebook want you to feel surrounded by friends and relatives on the platform, but they also want users to view business pages and click on ads if they’re genuinely interested in the information.

Even with the decreased reach of business pages, marketers can still engage their audiences on Facebook by using creative approaches.

2. Twitter introduces Arthouse, helping marketers create and optimize content.

In online advertising, brands must create engaging content to drive brand love and business impact. Twitter has introduced video editing and a live broadcast service under one roof: Twitter ArtHouse. It connects brands with creative talent and influencers. Artists and editors can add a new dimension of creativity to brands’ content.

Video editors participating in Twitter ArtHouse help brands optimize creative assets for the Twitter feed using data-driven practices. Well-optimized videos achieve comparatively high unaided recall and message association, compared with TV commercials. According to research, Twitter ads from creators perform better than ads shared directly by the brand.

The Twitter brand studio is a service created to help brands go live and help their events drive conversions on Twitter. Brand managers are employing smart ways to promote attention-getting, feed-first content that can bring about something unique on Twitter. When content engages Twitter’s prominent, responsive audience, it can help a product launch land—and even become a member of the cultural zeitgeist.

3. Instagram launches creator account for business.

Instagram was launched originally for personal accounts. As the platform developed, the network introduced Instagram Business profiles, providing more robust features such as Insights, profile action buttons and direct message features. Many brand managers and influencers were asking for better analytics and details on their audiences along with other features. As a result, Instagram introduced the creator account.

Instagram’s creator account provides more insights and information about audience growth and declines. For instance, if there’s a surge or loss of followers on your creator account, you’ll be able to determine on which days those fluctuations occurred. It’s easy to switch from a personal account or a business profile to a creator account.

4. LinkedIn extends content curation and sharing options in Sales Navigator.

LinkedIn keeps adding ways to use its data insights, most recently through a combination of its Sales Navigator platform and its employee advocacy system, called Elevate.

As LinkedIn explains:

This integration connects Elevate and Sales Navigator in a simple, but effective, way; every day, Sales Navigator users will get one custom alert encouraging them to share a piece of content from Elevate. Even better, it will show up, front and center in their Sales Navigator homepage feed, keeping content sharing the top of mind for sales teams and eliminating the friction of having to log into a new solution to share.

According to LinkedIn, more than a third of the businesses that use Elevate share content through Sales Navigator. To improve this process and spare users from toggling between the two, Sales Navigator users will now get signals from Elevate within their Navigation dashboard, where can act on them directly. LinkedIn has announced a range of upcoming updates for Sales Navigator.

In addition, LinkedIn also added its active status green notification dots on profile images of the Sales Navigator, enabling users to get in touch with prospects when they’re online.

5. Facebook Stories is updates to boost user engagement.

Facebook Stories can help marketers increase brand awareness, expand their reach on the network, and strengthen relationships with audiences. Facebook Stories, which are short photo slideshows or collections of videos, rely on visual rather than written information.

Facebook introduced an option enabling users to more easily add images to their stories. The latest update lets you add a stream of images, which the platform will lay out through the story frames. You could already do this by selecting images one by one, but the option’s ease should prompt more people to try it.

A version of this post first appeared on the Glean.info blog.


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