5 tips to enhance your company culture

Cultivate a thriving environment where your workers can flourish by embracing transparency, flexibility and empathy.  

5 tips to upgrade your culture

At the heart of every successful company is a booming, beaming company culture.

Regardless of your industry, people are your greatest asset—and when people feel valued, respected and appreciated, they’re more likely to succeed. That sets your business up to succeed, too.

Summertime often coincides with a “summer slump.” For many, business is less hectic, people go on vacation, and everything slows down. That’s a perfect time to check your agency’s pulse, make sure your company culture is on track, and weigh whether your engagement strategies are working.

Here are five easy ways to strengthen and enhance your company culture as we ease toward the end of summer:

1. Embrace transparency.

Transparency regarding finances can be tough, but employees appreciate honesty. This is an easy way to build trust and rapport.

Providing updates on your company’s health helps people feel more involved in the organization’s well-being. When you can, offer employees unfiltered insights into the company’s operations and vision for the future—and give employees a voice. Trust is the foundation of a healthy company culture.

Transparency is about much more than disclosing financials. Keep your people in the loop and on the same page by sharing business plans, communications calendars, marketing initiatives, IT projects and strategic goals.

2. Be flexible.

Flexible scheduling is consistently rated one of the most popular workplace perks.

Especially during the summer, when kids are out of school, giving employees the option to work remotely or work irregular hours can be a tremendous relief. Letting workers get their work done outside the office is also a substantive way to build trust. Offering flexibility is a meaningful show of respect, and it adds weight to the notion of establishing a culture that values and honors workers.

3. Establish traditions.

The company that plays together stays together.

Schedule activities that provide low-key, low-stress opportunities to mingle and enjoy one another’s company. Create events throughout the year that people can look forward to. Establish fun traditions that mirror and enhance your unique culture.

Ask employees for feedback regarding which kinds of activities they enjoy, and let your people’s preferences shape the sorts of things you do.

Just don’t force it; mandatory participation can undercut the fun.

4. Honor and respect working moms.

Many workplaces provide the bare minimum when it comes to accommodating new mothers. Give employees ample time and space to breastfeed, and allow new moms time to adjust their schedules.

Raising a child is just about the hardest job in the world, yet many employers show little to no empathy for people in the throes of this major life change.

Establish a culture that honors and respects working mothers, and go the extra mile to support new parents.

5. Encourage strong relationships between co-workers.

Gallup has found that workplace relationships and employee engagement are inextricably linked.

Having a fondness for colleagues can enhance company loyalty, job satisfaction and even productivity. To create a healthy company culture, make sure your organization is conducive to building strong relationships. Create spaces for collaboration, offer opportunities that promote co-worker interaction, and make remote workers feel like part of the team.

A thriving, vibrant company culture can attract the best workers, increase retention and improve productivity. It’s something worthy of investment—in every season.

A version of this post first appeared on the Shift Communications blog.


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