5 victories that media relations pros should celebrate

Your media relations triumphs may be worthy of awards.

There are no “participant” ribbons in media relations. Earned media placements are hard-earned, and viral campaigns are a rare concoction of skill, sweat, preparation and luck.

Try telling that to clients or upper management.

In between appeasing tough stakeholders, creating “the next ice bucket challenge” and “making a story go viral,” media relations pros enjoy myriad other victories that are incredibly important and worthy of recognition.

Here are five of the many reasons for media relations pros to celebrate:

1. Your op-ed piece turned heads: You had something to say, and you said it. It was a risk, but it paid off, and now journalists are calling you. You’re the center of attention, and you’re using your 15 minutes to bring awareness to your product or cause.

2. Your social media campaign went nuts. The hashtag, video or innovative idea was ingenious, and everyone recognized it. Your target audience couldn’t stop talking about it. Even your mother knew about it. Your engagement has spiked, and the consequences will be long-lasting.

3. Your crowdsourced content saved big-time money. Your competitor spent millions on an ad packed with Bond villains, fancy cars and explosions. You tweeted your fans, asking them to take a few selfies, and the “shares” went through the roof.

4. Your spokesperson caught on in a big way. Maybe she’s a show-biz icon, or maybe he’s just Internet-famous. Maybe you introduced your public face to the world. Your Flo, William Shatner or Most Interesting Man in the World gave your brand serious cred, and it’s translating into numbers that the bosses love.

5. Your new product or service took off with wild success. Nothing was modest about your product launch. It soared off the launch pad. It broke the sound barrier. It’s gone, and you’re riding it to the moon (and the bank).

If your work in media relations was a cause for celebration, you deserve recognition. Enter PR Daily’s 2016 Media Relations Awards, and you might be rewarded for these daily heroic feats and more. Any work completed between Jan. 1, 2015, and Feb. 17, 2016, is eligible for an award in one of 22 categories, including a Grand Prize.

See all the categories, and enter now.

Save $50 per submission if you enter by the early bird deadline on Wednesday, Feb. 10.

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What does a winner look like? See the 2015 champions.

You can follow this event at #PRDAwards.

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