5 ways to create a first-rate online newsroom

Reporters visit online newsrooms to learn more about companies. Here’s how to make sure their visits result in coverage.

An online PR newsroom is an essential tool for spreading your company’s message. Journalists today turn to your website for the latest news about your company, products and services.

To maximize your media exposure, enhance search engine optimization, and position yourself as a thought leader, you must keep your online newsroom updated with the latest information about your company.

Here are five tips to make your online newsroom the go-to place for information about your company:

1. Digitize your content.

Instead of printing thousands of press kits for your trade show appearance or product launch, use that money to invest in online content, such as social media press releases and multimedia galleries. Thousands of people can view them, you can distribute them via email, and they’re great for search engine optimization.

In addition to saving money, it will be easier to repurpose the content in the future.

2. Mix up the distribution.

While it’s customary to send information about your company over the wire, like PR Newswire, PR Web or BusinessWire, consider reinvesting that time and effort into creating content for your online newsroom and sending notifications to interested parties when you post updates.

According to a recent online newsroom survey, almost 100 percent of journalists say they prefer to receive email notifications for story pitches and breaking news. In addition to being environmentally friendly, distributing news through email, Twitter, Facebook and other social media tools improves SEO and saves money.

3. Tap internal departments for content.

Be the company reporter and find stories within the company. Approach other departments for content you can repurpose for your online newsroom.

Better yet, allow employees access to the newsroom so they can post updates. It goes without saying that you will have to put policies in place to define acceptable content. However, this will take some of the pressure off you.

4. Inspire journalists with cool infographics and statistics.

Data visualization, infographics and statistics are good sources of inspiration for journalists. Journalists are always looking for good stories, but they don’t always have the time to read everything.

Help them by visually suggesting pieces they can write about your industry. This will improve your image as a thought leader and earn you well-deserved press about your company’s activities.

5. Have users create content for you.

The best content is from satisfied customers and happy users. Ask happy clients for testimonials, product stories, and satisfaction stories to add to the newsroom. You can also assign staff to curate photos, videos, and other user-created content to form a customer-focused culture on your site.

Lisa Buyer president and CEO of The Buyer Group. She is also the editor of SocialPR Scoops, where a version of this article originally appeared.

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