5 ways to make your corporate story resonate with employees

Here’s how to craft more poignant, persuasive and memorable messaging that helps staffers find deeper meaning in their work.

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5 ways to tell better stories to employees

Would you be willing to choose a job you find meaningful over a job that pays more?

Well, nine out of 10 employees say they would. That jarring statistic reveals employees want more than just mindlessly punching the clock and collecting a paycheck. Workers want more substance, and it’s up to employers to connect the dots between daily tasks and your company’s larger mission.

The best way to do this is to consistently tell compelling stories that help employees understand the history, mission, culture and vision that make your company unique—and why they should be proud to work there.

Follow these five tips to craft a corporate story that resonates with employees:

1. Build a solid foundation.

All stories need a beginning, middle and end—and corporate stories are no different. This framework has been an effective way to weave tales since stories were invented.

Author Kenn Adams developed a structure called the “Story Spine,” which is used by many successful writers, including those who write the beloved Pixar movies.

The structure goes like this:

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