5 ways to motivate employee bloggers

Don’t just tell employees to blog. Encourage them through contests, training sessions and weekly emails.

A company’s blog is only as good as its writers.

To help inspire employee bloggers, Amanda Maksymiw offered five tips in a recent blog post on Business2Community:

1. Appoint a blogging administrator

This person runs your blogging program and gets employees to blog regularly. Duties include developing an overall plan, getting buy-in from the CEO, and working with bloggers to meet their goals.

2. Run training sessions throughout the year

Regular training sessions will keep your bloggers on top of their jobs. Possible training topics include keyword research, new topics/ideas for blogging, and how to market blog content.

3. Share the results regularly

Hold your bloggers accountable for their work by posting their progress. Maksymiw’s company, for example, sends a weekly email detailing statistics—page views, click through rates, and search engine traffic—as well as page views per blogger and rankings of targeted keywords.

4. Schedule progress reviews throughout the year

Hold regular meetings about your blogging program with representatives from each department. Discussion questions could be “Are the topics of the posts relevant to your business objectives?” or “Does the design quality of your blog reflect your company’s culture and style?”

5. Hold a contest

Spark your employee’s competitive side through a contest. Maksymiw suggests rewarding the three bloggers with the most page views and blog posts with prizes such as a Kindle or a free lunch.

Read the full post here.


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