5 websites that will sharpen your storytelling

Do you think you either have inspiration or you don’t? Leta Soza differs. She believes inspiration can be learned, and offers five websites to back up her assertion that creativity can be taught.

One of the many hats PR engineers wear is storyteller. Between juggling data, gathering insights and managing relationships, how can PR pros find time for inspiration? How do we stay up to date with the latest industry ideas on persuasive storytelling.

I’ve gathered a few sites and blogs that keep me sharp and inspired. Sign up for their newsletters or follow them on social media. You may not have time to read every article, but you’ll do great if what you consume gives you one or two takeaways a week.

Here are five sites that’ll sharpen your storytelling:

1. Copyblogger

This blog tells how to streamline your content creation, measure success and write authentic, branded stories. From how to spice up bland text to “The 5Things Every (Great) Marketing Story Needs,” Copyblogger prints words that work. The best part? The content is free of overused jargon. It’s straight-forward, quality content about … content!

2. Brain Pickings

Created by writer Maria Popova, this ad-free online digest is a delightful mix of thought-provoking essays and her reflections, Read an illustrated article about the dynamics of workplace friendships or a debate about science and art (sprinkled with inspiring quotes). This online magazine and newsletter are a feast for content creators who want to redefine how they present a subject. It’s the best way to start your Sunday.

3. Percolate’s Blog

Percolate’s blog will keep you on your toes about content strategy. It will also hone your marketing skills (a benefit to multi-hat wearers). You can expect industry-trend articles about “Why Content Creation Will Make or Break Brands in 2016” and posts about the qualities SaaS companies need to succeed. The content is always well-researched and written like a news story.

4. Influence & Co.’s Knowledge Bank

If anyone gets content marketing, it’s Influence & Co. Their Knowledge Bank is stuffed with useful, thought provoking, action-spurring content written for marketers. From posts on how to shrink your sales cycle with killer content to a library full of must-read whitepapers, Influence & Co. shows how entertaining, engaging and educating are the keys to content success.

5. Gapingvoid

Think of cartoonist and author Hugh MacLeod’s blog as a happy place for pros who appreciate art and seek an occasional nudge. Sign up for Gapingvoid’s newsletters for daily cartoons and inspiring words—artwork MacLeod describes as “Motivational art for smart people.” His content has a mission, a practical purpose, and it delights people. Can you ask for anything more?

What’s your go-to industry blog or source for inspiration?

Leta Soza is director of PR engineering & ops at AirPR, where a version of this article first appeared.


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