6 apps for bolstering your daily productivity

These tech tools can help you store passwords, organize tasks and—perhaps most crucial of all—limit your time on distracting websites.

6 productivity apps

Tech tools often offer more distraction than workplace traction.

However, some are worth downloading. Try these six apps to dramatically improve your productivity:

1. LastPass

LastPass securely stores your passwords, providing easy access and sign-ins to each account.

You can download LastPass as a computer extension. Each time you log in to a new site or create an account, you can add that login info to your vault automatically. Then, the next time you return, the fields will autofill, and you can quickly sign in.

2. Notion

Notion is similar to Evernote, but it offers more (and more diverse) features. Notion has had a massive Product Hunt launch and has offered new iterations and changes to its platform, enabling you to take notes and create to-do lists. You can create collaborative documents similar to Google Docs, and you can build wikis. Notion integrates with many typical applications such as Slack and Trello, and it’s easy to get started.

3. Facebook News Feed Eradicator

If you spend too much time on Facebook, this Chrome extension is perfect for you.

Facebook has engineers and algorithms focused on getting users to stay in the feed as long as possible. They try to present the most exciting and attractive content for us, so users will spend more time on the Facebook platform.

News Feed Eradicator doesn’t let you get sucked into the void. Whenever you load Facebook, you’ll see a new quote instead of your news feed. You can still navigate to anyone’s profile you’d like.

Plus, you can still send messages—and visit or edit your profile. This plug-in will prevent you from spending hours watching cat videos instead of doing your work.

4. SiteBlock

SiteBlock is a more extreme version of the News Feed Eradicator. If you have websites that you visit too frequently, SiteBlock restricts visitations to your digital vices.

5. Wunderlist

If you don’t already use a to-do list organize important tasks, Wunderlist is the perfect place to start.

The app is available on all devices, it’s intuitive, and it will provide precisely what you need to keep track of your responsibilities. You can set reminders, group your lists in folders, and create the prime notifications you want. You can even share your lists with others to increase collaboration.

6. KeyRocket 

Are you up to snuff on keyboard shortcuts? If not, KeyRocket (and the similar CheatSheat app) can boost your efficiency and save typing time.

Saving two minutes a day with shortcuts might not seem like much, but that adds up to several hours’ worth of productivity over a year.

A version of this post first appeared on the Calendar blog.


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