6 books to boost your creativity

Are you at a loss for innovative ideas? Is your productivity slipping? Read one (or all) of these volumes to stir up your thoughts and get the magic brewing.

When’s the last time you read a book that changed everything—a book that captivated you and renewed your excitement about living in a new era?

I’m constantly looking to feed my brain with inspiration, so I wanted to share 10 reads I found worth the time investment. I’m hoping some of these will help you:

1.Linchpin” by Seth Godin

If you’re feeling a little lost in your career or need some inspiration, Seth Godin is here to help. Outstanding sections include overcoming your resistance (self-doubt) and creating a map instead of always following directions, but there’s a lot to love here. It’s a book that forces us to acknowledge just how silly our excuses are and, instead, to make things happen.

2.Play” by Stuart Brown

Remember when you were a child and had more time to play? It turns out you weren’t just goofing off; it was essential to your development. Even today, there’s so much science behind why play may be crucial to your success and creativity.

3. The Art of Non-Conformity” by Chris Guillebeau

This is the kind of read that gives you a kick in the rear if there’s something you really want to do but have somehow convinced yourself that it’s not possible. Guillebeau helps us identify when we’re just making excuses. You’re going to be fired up once you read this.

4. Making Ideas Happen” by Scott Belsky

There are so many great ideas out there, but only a fraction of them ever come to fruition. Curious as to why that is? Scott Belsky has taken years of experience, research, and observation to pinpoint the difference between geniuses who deliver and everyone else.

5.Ignore Everybody” by Hugh McLeod

The best ideas invariably are resisted, because change is threatening to many. So don’t be worried about what everyone thinks. Ready for 39 other keys to creativity? I thought so…

6. Spark: How Creativity Works” by Julie Burstein

This collection of stories investigates what inspired some of our most creative artists and thinkers, plus the processes behind their work. Hearing the stories of Yo-Yo Ma, Kevin Bacon, and others just might help you find a spark of your own.

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Kiran Umapathy is a 20-something professional dreamer. When he’s not making awesome at Holiday Matinee, you can find him getting lost on photo adventures or listening to vinyl. A version of this article originally appeared on Brit + Co.

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