6 crucial guest blogging benefits

Writing for other websites can elevate your profile and help your business. You might also develop connections, get an influx of website traffic and garner more social media shares.

Content marketing and SEO are constantly in flux.

Some strategies that worked well three years ago are of dubious worth today. However, some stand the test of time, including guest blogging. Penning posts for relevant blogs—other than your own—is a smart way to build your brand.

Here are six benefits of guest blogging:

1. Targeted traffic. If you write a post for another blog, you should get a backlink to your site. If not, you could still get a traffic bump—provided your post is insightful, helpful and well-written. Make sure you’re driving the right kind of traffic, however. Write for sites that have audience demographics you’re eager to reach.

2. Relationships. The more business connections you have, the better. Developing bonds with other bloggers can open the door to possibilities down the road. Relationships build trust, which can lead to further content partnerships, conference opportunities or even landing new clients.

3. Social media sharing. Guest blogging gives you a chance to promote your company to a new—and hopefully large—online audience. That’s a great way to find new fans and reach potential customers.

4. Authority. When a respected publication publishes your post, it’s a vote of confidence and a boost for your authority. This increases your prestige and bolsters your reputation, which can make people more likely to trust your services. A noteworthy post can also lead to more social media followers. All this solidifies your authority.

5. Links. Guest blogging is the best way to build up your backlink profile, which is an essential component of strong SEO.

6. Brand awareness. Guest blogging gets your name and your writing in front of people who probably wouldn’t see it otherwise. If just one becomes a paying customer—or if someone shares your post, which prompts someone else to become a client—your guest blog has served an important purpose. Bylines build brand awareness, but they can also increase brand trust. That’s a gateway to landing more business.

Amanda Clark is president of Grammar Chic. A version of this post first appeared on Grammar Chic’s blog.


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