6 easy Twitter tips to increase engagement

Did you know adding hashtags to your tweets can boost engagement by 100 percent? Read on for more.

Twitter has released some internal research that shows how multimedia-rich its platform has become, as well as its increasing role an engagement tool for users. Are you doing the following?

1. If you tweet more, you’ll get more followers.

For journalists who post a concentrated number of tweets in a short time span, follower growth is 50 percent more than expected.

2. You can send tweets with a text message.

Twitter was born with mobile in its DNA, and that is obvious from its 140-character limit. Twitter’s founders designed it around the texting constraints of SMS.

When Twitter was embedded within Apple’s mobile operating system, it cemented its place as the Web’s go-to channel for breaking news and quick information.

You can set up Twitter to integrate with your texts:

Not only can you send tweets with a text message, but you can receive text messages when someone new follows you, retweets you, or marks a tweet as a favorite.

Below is the screen you’ll see when you set up your phone for texts and Twitter. To make sure don’t receive texts all the time, it may be best to turn most of these notifications off:

3. Tweets with media receive, on average, three to four times more engagement.

Twitter has evolved into a multimedia social network. You can view videos, photos and even SlideShare presentations within Twitter. Tweets with multimedia receive 300-400 percent more engagement than tweets without.

4. Mentions increase your follower growth.

Twitter research shows news organizations that tweet 20 percent fewer URLs and 100 percent more @ mentions grow followers 17 percent more than expected.

5. Hashtags can increase engagement by almost 100 percent.

According to research from Twitter, journalists who use hashtags increase engagement by 100 percent. News organizations increase engagement by 50 percent.

6. If you retweet, you’ll get more followers.

Retweets can get you more followers. Use the retweet button.

Twitter found that journalists with above expected follower growth sent 200 percent more retweets compared to journalists with below expected follower growth.

What about you? What works for you on Twitter?

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