6 essential tips for a robust PR and marketing site

Attend this free PressPage webinar on creating an engaging, streamlined digital newsroom.

If you’re a PR pro, your client’s newsroom might need a little TLC—or maybe a lot.

Let PressPage bring that deserted wasteland back to life, activity and usefulness!

Take that crucial step: Attend Ragan/PressPage’s free webinar, “Harnessing the Power of One,” airing Nov. 10 from 1–2 p.m. Central time. See how to transform your newsroom from desolate apathy to bustling productive life with PressPage’s low-cost, low-maintenance, high-return digital newsroom.

You’re asking: What is PressPage?

PressPage digital newsrooms have dramatically changed the way organizations nationwide handle public relations, content marketing, brand journalism and internal news. PressPage is so easy to learn. It’s at least four times faster to publish news than the clunky CMS you might be using now.

PressPage’s unrivaled SEO and social-media content distribution enable you to bypass your IT department to get important news out to employees, journalists and the world almost instantly.

Your newsroom will immediately become your most powerful PR, news and marketing tool. Plus, your PressPage digital newsroom integrates seamlessly with your website. You’ll never again have to bother IT staffers for updates, maintenance or approvals or to post urgent news.

It’s an essential tool for professionals who handle crisis communications, PR, marketing and social media.

The one-hour presentation features Ragan CEO Mark Ragan and PressPage North America Director of Sales Paul Wittcoff.

One hour to transform your online newsroom? Absolutely.

Register now for this free one-hour webinar.

See a one-minute overview of PressPage here:

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