6 social media productivity tools

The flow of information—inbound and outbound—is essential to your organization’s success. Here are some ways to streamline that flow, as well as your own efforts.

Social media is a great place to waste time, and many of us do just that. However, there are some great tools and apps that can help users save time and be more productive and successful.

The good news is that these six tools are fun to use and, most important, can motivate you and your employees to keep moving forward and increasing your value.

Here are some productivity tools to help you manage your social media marketing activities:

1. Glyder

Glyder helps small businesses, such as startups, to bump up their marketing game. When starting out online, you hear about social media marketing, the importance of a good design, and many problems and costs associated with them.

You know that it takes more than an entertaining message to succeed, but you might not have the available resources.

Glyder helps with all these things through its many features, such as:

  • Visual messaging— You can create messages for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest but also SalesForce contacts, Mailchimps contacts and other connections.
  • Templates— Keep your messages entertaining with templates that can be customized for your audience.
  • Weekly updates— Connect regularly with customers by using new templates, customizable content, and photos that are updated every week.
  • Automatic formatting— Glyder formats all your messages for you so they look great anywhere.

Glyder can save you time and money without your having to worry about bad results.

2. Buffer

Scheduling tools are great ways to get more done; they enable you to post on many different sites, at all times of the day, even if you’re not online. They do just what it sounds like: Apps such as Buffer will post at a specified time.

There are many scheduling tools available today, but Buffer has these helpful features:

  • Integration with browsers— It has extensions for Chrome, Firefox, and Safari, enabling you to access Buffer from your social media profiles.
  • Scheduling— Buffer enables you to add interesting content throughout the day; it then enables you to space your posts out during prime social media hours.
  • Variety of sources— Buffer can take posts from Facebook and Twitter easily, but it also accepts posts from apps such as Pulse News and Tweetdeck.
  • Simplicity— Other apps require you to pick a date and time for a given post; Buffer already has time slots for posts, so it saves time and effort.

Buffer is a simple and free way of expanding and engaging your online audience. Buffer helps you do more, because it identifies peak posting hours. It saves time while adding to your social media presence, and it keeps you motivated by showing how much attention your posts can receive.

3. LikeHack

We all have many sources of social media news coming at us from all directions. There are Facebook feeds, Twitter feeds, RSS feeds, and so many others. It is easy to get overwhelmed, let important information slip through the cracks, and waste hours sifting through junk until you find what you need.

This app helps you consolidate all your news, culled from diverse sources, on one app.

LikeHack has a lot of features that sets it apart from similar services:

  • One central location—It gathers your news in one place.
  • Importance ratings—It organizes your news into levels of importance and interest.
  • Intelligent ratings—The app learns as you read news to find what interests you.
  • Access to history—It saves all stories you have “liked” and shared with full text searching
  • Offline capability—It enables you to sync your device with your news for offline access.

The app is also easy to use because of an attractive interface that enables you to gather and organize your news quickly.

4. SocialBro

We all know that if we post something on Twitter at 3 a.m., no one is going to read it, unless we have international friends or ones with “interesting” habits. The time that you post content drastically changes how many people you will reach. Services that allow you to schedule when your posts are made help a lot, and they often have analytical tools attached to them.

SocialBro works on Twitter to make sure your posts are not ignored because of bad timing or formatting. SocialBro can change how you look at tweeting, because it quickly and clearly shows you the data you need to make good decisions.

SocialBro not only tells you when the busiest times are on your specific profiles but also includes:

  • Peerindex scores— It helps you to understand the individual and not just the message.
  • Real Time Data— It tells you who is active, with which app they are tweeting, and in what language.
  • Integration— Use it on Adobe Air and Google Chrome for free.
  • Filtering— It allows you to monitor a certain search term or page.

SocialBro saves time and helps you extend your social media reach. The ability to monitor certain search terms and hashtags lets you know what subjects are most popular so you know what subject to post on. The analytics show you which app people are tweeting from; that lets you know, for example, whether they are watching their timelines or just looking at photos on Instagram.

5. Grovo

Grovo helps to educate business owners through short but important lessons. Grovo is different because it features:

  • 100 top sites— This list provides quick training bites that lead to a greater understanding on more than 100 of the top sites such as Google and YouYube.
  • Flexible timing— This allows you to study at your own pace.
  • 1-minute video lessons— It affords you daily access and use.
  • Mini-quiz— This lets you show what you actually learned.
  • Discovery— It shows new ways to be productive and creative on sites you are already familiar with.

Grovo helps leaders keep their teams on track. It is easy to take a quick lesson or two in the morning and build on other lessons until the whole group is educated on one or more sites.

6. DropBox Business

DropBox is the document-sharing tool that enables people to share files without integration problems. DropBox has launched a version for businesses that offers more options and flexibility. DropBox Business features:

  • Unlimited history— You can track changes and version differences since the birth of the file.
  • 1,000 gigabytes of storage— This will increase as your business grows, at no charge.
  • LAN and Delta sync— These reliable systems take the risk out of relying on a cloud platform.
  • Security— You can secure your businesses information with encryption and two-step verification.
  • Seamless upgrade— It’s easy to switch from basic DropBox accounts.
  • Activity Reports— These enable you to track what happens to your documents and how they’re being used.

DropBox is trying to become the tool to beat, amid widespread competition. They ensure your teams will get up and running quickly and provide live support for users. The emphasis is on saving time, and with the live support, one-click sharing, and reliable systems, it is worth looking into.

Security is a big thing for DropBox, too. Not only is it highly encrypted and uses the industry recommended two-step verification process, it also lets the owner have control of the content. No one can share your information outside your group without getting your permission.

A version of this article first appeared on JeffBullas.

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