6 steps to guide you through a comms audit

You know you’ve got blind spots in your communications, or areas you can improve. Relaunch your messaging through an audit, this new report urges.

Communications Audit guide from Ragan's Leadership Council

Every communications department can benefit from a periodic, comprehensive review, whether your team is frantically shoveling out messages with no strategic vision or buzzing along successfully.

New trends are emerging in internal audits to make them more relevant than ever, from a demand for real numbers to the use of marketing-style personas.

A new Ragan Communications report—“6 steps to an up-to-date communications audit”—offers a foolproof guide to auditing the right way. Exclusively available to members of Ragan’s Leadership Council, the report digs into the question of how to get process right.

“People are increasingly taking their time and doing them right because of the old adage, ‘Garbage in, garbage out,’” says Katrina Gill, owner of Gill Research LLC in Chicago and an affiliate consultant with Ragan Consulting Group.

The report offers insight on these steps:

  1. The action plan: what you must figure out before launching into an audit. Otherwise, you might end up wasting your time.
  2. Internal surveys: how to write questions that produce actionable data.
  3. Personas, focus groups and shadowing: emerging ways to find out how your employees communicate.
  4. Leadership interviews: what you need to ask—and communicate to—the big cheese in your organization.
  5. Channel analysis: the best way to add rigor to your communications vehicles.
  6. The end game: You’ve completed your audit. Now what?

“The end game,” Gill says, “is better and more streamlined communication, with a clear separation between need-to-know information and everything else.”

Get access to this report—and other in-depth, high-level practical guides—with your membership to the Communications Leadership Council.


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