6 trends in employee communication in 2019

Your execs are demanding business value for their investment in communication. Your employees just want to have fun. Here’s how to find your way in the evolving world of internal communication in 2019.

6 comms trends for 2019

We are rerunning the most-viewed articles of 2019. This was one of the top five most-popular internal communication articles of the year.

The world of internal communication is constantly evolving, and one of the challenges communicators face is sorting out useful trends from mere fads.

From the centrality of mobile to the convergence of comms and HR, new ways of communicating are helping organizations push messages into the right hands, according to a new report from Ragan Communications and Staffbase.

The free download, “6 trends in employee communication in 2019,” offers perspective on such matters as reaching dispersed workforces and proving your business value to your organization.

“What internal communications people are saying is, ‘I want to add more value. I don’t like the feeling of being disconnected from the organization,’” says Jim Shaffer, founder of The Jim Shaffer Group.

The report also features experts from Instinctif Partners, Sampson Construction Co. and USAL—an interstate automobile logistics company.

Download this free report and learn:

  • How best to reach scattered employees
  • What single change you can make to meet the expectations of executives demanding business value from communications
  • How to rally your internal influencers
  • Why employee experiences are the most memorable way to drive home a message
  • How communications and HR are converging
  • How once-stodgy workplaces are using the ridiculous—and universal—human experience of laughter to retain associates and make communication fun

The impact of mobile

Mobile allowed USAL to segment its messages as Hurricane Florence bore down on part of its internal audience of truckers.

“The mobile app is how we connect everyone and reinforce company values, things that are happening with the company,” says Troy Griggsby, USAL’s communications and brand manager.

Shaffer explains how better internal communication and procedures helped a major package shipper boost international deliveries by 23 percent within 90 days. Laura Jameson, senior engagement specialist at Instinctif Partners, tells how a major British insurer identified and involved motivated, widely networked employees in strategizing.

Racecar rides

Staffbase CEO Martin Bohringer tells how the company underscored a message of “speed”—or fast-paced innovation—through rides with professional drivers racing Porsches around a track.

“They’re not really checking their email. Sometimes months will go before they check their email, so having a push notification go directly to their phone is really helpful.”

That means using the company’s mobile app to reach people—and making it work for both communication and HR. This exemplifies a larger shift as the roles of comms and HR converge. Internal communication plays a crucial role in employee preboarding, onboarding and retention.

At Sampson, the company connects people via the mobile app as soon as they start, allowing newbies to use the directory to put faces to names, says Travis Lucas, human resources director at Sampson. This enables them to build contacts more easily.

The Staffbase employee app can communicate HR initiatives immediately, such as pushing a 401(k) or teaching employees about their benefits. Employees receive notifications on their mobile devices, often sent during lunch breaks. Company news helps connect isolated people on construction sites.

“The more internal communications we have with our employees, the more they feel part of our team,” says Sampson’s Lucas.

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