6 types of PR pros, based on the coffee they drink

You’re wondering: Should I put what kind of coffee I drink on my résumé? No. Just mention it in your cover letter.

If you’re a communications or marketing pro, you’re likely a burning-the-midnight-oil, overachieving person. We need caffeine like an addict needs a fix.

What does your coffee preference say about your work style?

1. The espresso with one sugar: You like your coffee as strong as your ambition. You have a hard time getting started in the morning—you do your best work in the evenings—but once going, you’re like a freight train with no red lights. You have a commanding presence, which allows your ideas to get heard above the fray at meetings. Others think of you as a leader even if your formal title isn’t there yet. You can be trusted to execute projects, though you sometimes gloss over details. You aim high and land big wins, so you climb the ladder quicker.

2. The small black coffee: You’re up before the roosters and have no room for nonsense in your work or personal life. You check email before most people’s alarm clocks go off. You’re off to the races before business hours. You like to dive in early and work smart, but you value your evenings and like to get a good night’s rest. You help your colleagues and offer to step in wherever needed, even if the work lies outside your job description.

3. The skinny venti no-foam latte: You have significant experience in an agency and with lifestyle brands. You care about the details. People look to you when running an event or superintending a complex rollout plan or announcement because you can be trusted to manage projects well. You are the one who thinks to iron the table cloth at a press event. You make sure your executive tucks her shirt in. Others are always eager to help you and to earn your praise.

4. The anti-Starbucks, mom-and-pop cuppa joe: You work for a nonprofit or B corporation, or else sit in your cubicle at an agency dreaming about working for one (and dreading the pay cut). You care about the big picture, which makes you a great brand asset. You can be counted on for creative ideation and out-of-the-box ideas. You are passionate about your work and that’s contagious, though you can rub people the wrong way when your zeal is mistaken for stubborn one-sidedness.

5. Coffee from the bodega or the guy on the street: You like to hit the snooze button a couple of times, OK, fine, more than a few times. You’re late to work sometimes, but you’re forgiven because you’re incredibly smart and bring sensible, creative ideas to the table. You are really good at synthesizing in the work you do what others, including executives, want. You are a respected member of the team (even if you forgot to brush your teeth this morning).

6. Tea, please: You know what you’re doing, but you’re modest about letting others know how self-assured you are. Your healthy, level-headed modesty can sometimes be mistaken for shyness or under-assertiveness. Because you’re good at what you do, though, those who do notice commend you on your astute observations and your impeccable attention to detail.

Are there other coffee preferences I’m leaving out? Feel free to share them in the comments.

Allison Steinberg is a communications strategist at National ACLU with more than a dozen years’ experience as a writer and public relations professional.

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