6 ways an editor can improve your writing

A skilled proofreader and reviser can help you find the right words, cut out excess fluff, crystallize your message and smash through editorial barriers.

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If you want your writing to shine, consider working with a professional editor. That’s true whether the work in question is a press release or the first draft of your novel.

What, specifically, are the benefits of working with an editor? Here are six:

1. An editor brings fresh, perceptive eyes. Staring at the same document for hours—or weeks—turns your writing into white noise. An objective third party will spot glaring errors, strengthen weak copy and uncover issues you might not have considered.

2. Editors are unbiased. Editors have no obligation to assuage your feelings or boost your self-esteem. An editor’s duty is to make the work as clear, concise and compelling as possible. The ruthlessness of a skilled editor can be painful, yet learning to “kill your darlings” is your key to better writing.

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