7 blog ideas that you might not have considered

Stuck? Here are some terrific ways to kick-start your creative juices and satisfy your adoring audience.

Writing an engaging blog post is great. It helps you connect with potential customers by giving them the answers to their frustrations, questions, and problems, and you can feel good knowing it’s a job well done. It’s not always easy to produce compelling blog ideas. Knowing what to write week in and week out is tough. Sometimes it seems as if you’ve run out of ideas and no longer have anything to blog about.

That’s never really the case. All you need is a bit of blog maintenance. Though it can seem as if you’ve already covered all the good topics, there are always plenty more to write about. Here is a handy list of blog ideas to keep you writing even if you think you’ve run out of topics.

1. Start the Monday morning update.

Set aside the same time each week (it doesn’t have to be Monday) to give your readers an update on a relevant topic. It could be anything, so long as you think they will find it interesting. Topics could cover anything from social media to cookery, right through to heavy machinery. All you need to do is include all the latest industry news, and you have a blog post.

2. Share customer case studies.

What is better than hearing something that works? How about a real-life customer case study that proves it works? Blogs are great places to share customer case studies. Try framing the post around the customer’s original frustration and then showing how your product or service was able to help them.

3. Start a series.

Blog series are great. They let you go into much more detail on a topic. Plus, they encourage people to come back to your blog to see how the series is progressing. There’s no limit to how long a series can be, though before you start writing, it’s a good idea to have a rough plan to guide the whole series. To run alongside your blog series, you could turn the posts into an e-book or white paper to share with your readers.

4. Forecast the hot trends for 2013.

Think you know what’s going to be shaking up your industry in 2013? Write a blog post about it. If you really want to extend this blog post idea, try writing the trends for different segments of your industry. If your predictions don’t come true, you can write another post later in the year explaining why they didn’t work out.

5. Do an interview.

Interviews can give your blog a more personal feel. See whether any of your customers, suppliers, or associates would be willing to do an interview. Try writing “A day in the life of…” and sharing some of the ups and downs of your profession. You could use the interview to talk through a problem they had and how it was solved.

6. Recycle previous blog ideas.

If you’re really running short of good blog ideas, look back at your blog and see what has worked before. Try rewriting a previous post, bringing it up to date by adding more recent and topical examples. That way you get a fresh blog post out of an idea that you know has worked before.

7. Review relevant books, films, and other blogs.

If you’ve come across a great book recently, why not review it for your readers? Doing this will help position you as an industry expert, showing that you know what other people in the same sphere are writing about. By writing a review that does not relate directly to your company, it will also help keep your blog fresh and engaging.

A version of this article first appeared on InboundMarketing.co.uk.


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