7 Facebook tips to enhance your brand

Online marketing, especially for nonprofits and smaller companies, can be daunting, but these helpful hints can help you keep up with today’s breakneck pace.

Social media has gone mainstream. Icons for Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks show up on packages in the grocery store, on store windows, and on billboards everywhere. Even TV commercials have hashtags.

The normalization and ever-presence of social media lead people to assume they know just what to do. What’s worse, folks at nonprofits are sometimes afraid to ask questions, for fear of seeming “out of the loop.”

The good news is that social media’s fast pace means that the tips and tricks are constantly changing and evolving. Because nonprofits have so much work to do, on top of keeping up with social media, it’s difficult to find the time to master all the little tips that will help you reach your audiences more effectively, and in the way that you want.

Here are some tips for Facebook that could make your life easier:

1. Edit link preview titles.

When you post links to share with your community, you can edit the preview titles that Facebook shows, so you can provide additional context.

2. Edit preview text.

When you share something important that you know will educate people about your issue or inspire them to take action, you can make your post more enticing by editing the summary text that Facebook includes with your link.

3. Select the best pictures.

You can change the preview picture by clicking through multiple photo options, or by uploading a photo of your choice. Sometimes there’s not a great photo included with the article you want to share, and sometimes Facebook can’t pull the photo you want in from the other site. Remember that you can toggle through to find the best photo or upload your own.

4. Edit photo captions anytime.

Facebook won’t let you edit the text of a status update once it’s posted, but you can edit the text of a photo after it’s been published. This is handy for those times when you just want to get a bunch of photos up quickly. Upload the whole batch to a new album and go back later when you have more time to add captions with more information later. This has the bonus that your captioning activity may actually help more people to see your photos in a second bump of activity.

Just click on the photo, click “Edit” under the text, and enter the text update. When you are finished, click “Done Editing.”

5. Share poll questions.

You can ask your audience questions and add response options to the poll. This is a unique feature that Facebook offers only to Groups.

You can uncheck the box “Allow anyone to add options” to make sure that your organization’s answers are the only options that that people taking the poll can choose from—or leave it checked if you’re looking for creative feedback.

6. Pin your best posts.

You can pin posts to the top of your page so that no matter what else gets posted, they stay at the top until you release them. This can be helpful for those times when you have big announcements that you don’t want to get lost on your page in the flow of your other content.

Pin something …

And then just as easily unpin it …

7. Schedule posts.

You can schedule your posts directly on Facebook. You know you want to get something out at a specific time, but you won’t have access to the Internet? No problem. Facebook allows you to draft and schedule posts in advance.

Just click the little blue clock in the bottom left-hand corner of the update, and you can schedule it for whenever you’d like.

Over to you

These are just a few helpful tips to make managing your Facebook page just a little bit smoother. What are some social media tricks that have made your life a lot easier?

Allyson Kapin is co-founder of the Web agency Rad Campaign, and blogger-in-chief of Frogloop, where a version of this article originally appeared. (Image via)


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