7 online practices that need to die

Most of these still-common elements are outdated; all are annoying. Welcome to 2013, everyone. And please ditch the Comic Sans while you’re at it.

1. Web galleries/slideshows

Better known as a great way for news/media sites to inflate their “page views,” while subsequently annoying all their visitors. Scroll, click, click, click…

2. Banner ad overload

Few things taint a professional-looking website quite like an ad farm. Really, people? Banner ad click-through rates are abysmal. Why would you kill your credibility and clutter your site with something that isn’t going to work in the first place?

3. Intro music/sound effects

It’s 2013. If music starts playing when your site loads, it’s time for a redesign. Save the tunes for your Spotify playlist.

4. Anything built in Flash

Why do people still insist on building websites entirely in Flash? It’s slow, outdated, and unnecessary—not to mention that it’s not mobile- friendly. That means you are essentially cutting out more than a quarter of potential visitors before they even reach your site.

5. Comic Sans & hipster fonts

The only people who should use Comic Sans are children under age 10—’nuff said. Please don’t swap out your Comic Sans for the popular Helvetica font. It’s just going from one extreme to the other.

6. Flash intros/splash pages

I cringe when I hear “splash pages.” I associate it with all the Flash intros that used to clutter sites in the early to mid-2000s.

7. Page view “hit” counters

Hit counters are reminiscent of the Geocities and Angelfire days. Nowadays, we have things like Compete, Quantcast, and Google Analytics to tell us these things.

What Web design practices do you think need to disappear?

A version of this article first appeared on Jessica Malnik’s blog.

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