7 reasons your staff doesn’t like you

Overpromising, paying too much attention, paying too little attention, and shading the truth all are likely to inspire ill will, which strains relations and undercuts productivity.

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At some point in your career, you wake up one morning, drink your coffee, put on deodorant, kiss your kids good-bye, drive to the office, and suddenly realize—you don’t have one ounce of experience at your job.

You did yesterday. What happened?

You were promoted. You became a manager. And you suck at it.

Yesterday, you were an absolute rock star at your job as a media planner. Or designer. Or salesperson. You were so fantastic they put you in charge.

Now, you’ve got six eager faces standing around your desk, looking to you for guidance.

So, you do what you’ve always done. You wing it. Act like a leader. Demand results. Drive the ship. Everything you’ve seen your former bosses do for years on end.

A year down the road, in your Monday morning staff meeting, you announce a new project and see someone at the table sneer in disgust. You look around at all faces and realize: These people hate my guts. They can’t stand me.

What did you do wrong?

Well the truth is, I only know why my employees hate me. But I’ve got some good guesses why they hate you. Seven of ’em.

You tell me. Am I right?

Reason 1: You don’t leave them alone.

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