7 steps to better PR planning

Crafting a tangible, time-bound public relations strategy creates accountability, clarity and efficiency. Here’s how to develop your plan.

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Whether it’s a new client, the start of a new quarter or a six-month refresher, creating concrete plans are the first step toward PR success.

Here are seven essentials of successful PR planning:

1. Expand on what worked, remove what didn’t. When creating PR plans for an existing client, it’s important to discuss ineffective campaign elements. Recognizing flops helps you pivot away from what’s not working and toward elements that stand a better chance of driving traffic, increasing awareness and boosting sales.

2. Establish the goals. All sides should clearly understand what PR objectives you’re working toward and why specific tactics are included in your strategy. If a goal is to increase traffic to the client’s website, include ideas for securing coverage in and backlinks from respected publications. Outlining specific, tangible goals helps both sides understand the “why” behind the strategy and gives a clear picture of the desired destination.

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