7 tips for better PR writing

Get into the proper mindset for creating compelling content by removing yourself from the many distractions at your desk. Give yourself ample time to do it, too—and ditch the coffee.

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In the back of our office, there’s an unfinished conference room where no one ever goes.

Table tops lie on their sides with no legs. Deconstructed cubicles stand against the walls, with shelves and desktops assorted like giant puzzle pieces. A dry erase marker lies on the ground, never used.

It’s there in the dark that I write.

As public relations professionals, content generation is becoming an ever more important part of our job. Clients need a continuous stream of blog posts, opinion articles, news releases, feature articles, and social media posts to connect with their audiences.

I’ve been writing a lot of PR-related content recently. For me, writing good content taps a different part of the brain from that required for the conference calls, quick-response emails, and meetings that dominate most days. Here are seven things that help me when writing content for PR:

1. Cut the coffee. On writing days, I skip the coffee. When under-caffeinated and relaxed, my writing is smoother and more conversational. Back in my reporter days, I tried the whiskey in the bottom drawer trick, but that made me a little too relaxed. Save that ’til after the writing’s done.

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