7 tips to help strengthen management and employee relations

Structure and maintain a healthy company morale that draws in new hires by listening to, rewarding and investing in employees.

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What would your employees say about your brand if they knew their words would never get back to you?

Does your company culture leave something to be desired, or are you creating a family-like atmosphere that workers never want to leave? Transforming your business starts with the people who work for you.

More than 50% of North American workers said they plan to leave their current jobs as soon as the pandemic ends. Why such a high rate of turnover, and what can you do to mitigate the resulting fallout? Some churn is a normal part of doing business: an employee isn’t a good fit, they get a better offer, or they move closer to family.

However, if your company has too high of a turnover rate, consider updating your business and management styles to best suit your company and employees. The more knowledge your company has due to experienced staff, the more innovation and success you’ll generate.

Here are strategies to retain your top workers and build a company culture that desirable candidates look for:

1. Make advancement clear.

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