8 ways to supercharge your LinkedIn profile

Don’t miss business leads or career opportunities because your profile isn’t up to par. Take advantage of these important features.

In the past I’ve written about how I use LinkedIn, and offered 13 fast tips to optimize your profile. But there’s still so much more to learn about the platform. Below you will find eight tips for making the most of your time on LinkedIn.

1. Diversify your objectives.

Update your LinkedIn profile in the languages in which you want to be contacted. When I lived in the U.S., I strengthened my English profile. Now that I live in Spain, I use Spanish more. But that doesn’t mean I set my English profile aside; I’m just adapting it to be open to possible work opportunities and leads.

Because they’re aimed at different objectives, the information listed on my English and Spanish profiles isn’t the same. I adapt the profiles to my needs, and you should do the same.

2. Keep your communication appropriate.

Right now, 70 percent of my objectives are linked to my Spanish-speaking world, and I generally update my Spanish profile. However, if someone contacts me in English, I pick up the conversation in that language.

Reach out to your target audiences in a way that makes them comfortable and likely to continue the conversation.

3. Focus on elements to make your profile stand out.

Make sure the heading, professional title, description, and achievements in your jobs are up to date. Highlight the skills and successes that make you special.

4. Make the most of introductions.

Never introduce yourself out of the blue to a person you don’t have ties with. Instead, seek out a mutual second- or third-degree connection who can introduce you. Look among your contacts for those who are connected to the person you want to contact, and use the “request an introduction” feature.

5. Be transparent.

Be clear about what you want when you ask for an introduction. Express your wishes, and even explain why you want those things. There’s nothing wrong with being transparent-it will make it easier for the person making the introduction. It also lets the person you want to meet better understand your intent.

6. Beef up your skills list.

The skills section of your profile can make you stand out. It makes you more likely to turn up via a LinkedIn search, or even on Google. It also helps to group professionals when companies are looking for job candidates.

7. Embrace LinkedIn’s new profiles.

LinkedIn recently launched its new profiles. They’re quite different from the profiles you knew before; they focus much more on a user’s digital presence by highlighting the connections between users, industries, geographical locations, and companies. There is greater emphasis on the interactions between users and companies.

Certain elements are more prominent on the profile than they used to be, while others are less visible and relevant, such as tags or notes. You can request your new profile here.

8. Check out company pages.

These under-used features are now more attractive and useful than ever. For example, you can see all the jobs a company is looking to fill. You can also include a Facebook-style banner and issue updates about your company, thus enhancing the company’s visibility.

I’m sure I left things out. What did I forgot to mention?

A version of this article originally appeared on SmartBlog on Social Media.


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