85 percent of consumers buy products based on color

The most important factor to shoppers? A product’s color. Get more statistics about the importance of color that may surprise you.

Have you ever wondered why Target chose that particular shade of red for its brand? Or why Starbucks uses green in its logo?

According to an infographic by Yellow Duck Marketing, marketers use colors to target different demographics and elicit emotions. Yellow, for example, attracts children and conveys happiness, while purple shows wealth and luxury.

Here are some more interesting statistics about the importance of color:

  • More than 90 percent of consumers report that visual factors are the most important when buying a product.
  • Sixty-two percent to 90 percent of people initially judge a product based solely on color.
  • Color accounts for more than half of important factors in purchasing a product reports 84.7 percent of people.

Find out more statistics and meanings behind different colors in this graphic:

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