9 steps to a sustainable workplace wellness program

Give employees a voice and a say, use gamification, consistently secure buy-in from top brass, and tie your initiative to intrinsic motivators.

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9 steps to a better wellness program

At its core, a wellness program is a tool to let your employees know that they’re cared for. It’s an investment a company makes in its people, and the return is a healthier, more productive workforce, not to mention reduced healthcare costs. Building a winning program can be simple, but the more effort and thought put into it, the more value an organization can get out of it. This proves true for both organizations and employees.

It’s common for wellness programs to follow a “set it and forget it” model, offering employees rewards for achieving health milestones, such as going in for a routine physical or completing a fitness challenge. But this model does not work on its own. It ignores a few essential elements of making any corporate program successful: personal connection, support and goal-setting.

So, if you’re planning to implement a wellness program, or are rethinking your existing program, you owe it to your employees to do it right. If your wellness program checks the following nine boxes, you’re on your way to a sustainable program that has real impact.

1. Make your program accessible to all.

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