9 ways to engage deskless workers in 2020

A new report offers expert guidance to engage, retain and recruit your unsung heroes on the front lines.

9 ways to engage deskless workers

What’s the best way to consistently reach and connect with workers who aren’t tethered to desks?

It’s a crucial concern for U.S companies—or at least it should be. As Gallup states:

U.S. businesses are in a full-fledged talent war, and employees have the edge—the demand for jobs exceeds the supply of workers, and employees are confident about their chances. To mitigate the impact of talent loss, companies need to establish a strong employee experience that makes their employees want to stay.

A new report from Ragan Communications and Staffbase—“How to Engage Your Forgotten Non-Desk Workforce in 2020”—provides practical steps to build robust lines of two-way communication with your deskless employees. Featuring real-world solutions from a diverse group of organizations including GoDaddy, EDF Renewables and Newport Restaurant Group, the guide offers nine keys to creating a “single source of truth” at your workplace, including:

  • Alerting employees via smartphone notifications.
  • Connecting with remote colleagues via video.
  • Uniting employees and building an uplifting culture through success stories.
  • Using communication to inspire and motivate employee ambassadors.
  • Segmenting your audiences to ensure messaging is relevant, timely and effective.

By reaching employees where they are, with concise, compelling content, you can inspire, motivate, unite and empower your workforce—but it takes buy-in, investment and commitment.

Grab your free guide today, and start serving up better communication in 2020.


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