93 percent of teens prefer to communicate via email and phone

But Facebook takes a close third place. Get the skinny on teenage communication habits here.

Being a teenager isn’t easy, but neither is being a PR pro who wants to understand them.

For all those communicators who want a glimpse inside the minds of today’s American teenagers, a new infographic from AWeber Communications may help you out. It explains which communication channels teens favor, and when they like to use them.

According to the graphic, today’s teens prefer these methods of keeping in touch:

  • Email: 93 percent
  • Phone (talking and texting): 93 percent
  • Facebook: 90 percent
  • YouTube: 74 percent
  • Skype: 47 percent

What does a typical day look like for the teenage communicator? He starts the day with email, uses his phone during his commute (and on dates), checks Google+ during class, tunes in to YouTube after school, and signs in to Skype at bedtime.

But teens aren’t online all the time. Ninety-six percent of teens opt for face-to-face communication during lunch.

Want more? Take a look at the graphic:

(View a larger image.)

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