A festive farewell to a beloved colleague

This 2010 holiday video features our own Bill Sweetland, who is retiring at year’s end and whose abundant contributions to Ragan Communications will be sorely missed in 2017 and beyond.

We’re losing a tremendous talent.

For many years, Ragan Communications created an annual video heralding the closing of our offices from just before Christmas to just after New Year’s Day.

The premise, year after year, was that one poor schlub would have to stay behind to answer the phones while the rest of us would be opening presents, quaffing mulled wine and wrapping and unwrapping presents.

Our running gag: That one poor schlub invariably ended up being Bill Sweetland.

In addition to being a top-flight wordsmith, Bill is exceedingly funny—whether bemoaning the deterioration of language in general (and writing in particular) or performing on camera, as you will see in this, our final Christmas break video, recorded in 2010.

Bill is retiring, after a lengthy and brilliant career, [SPOILER ALERT!] so his on-camera unfettering is bittersweet for us at Ragan.

Please enjoy this 4½-minute video, and accept joyous holiday tidings from all of us at Ragan Communications.

[Editor’s note: Ragan Communications’ suite of websites will be up and running through the holidays, and our call center staff will be available to help you register for the industry-leading live and online events we’ll be conducting in 2017. ]


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