A guide to the latest changes to Facebook fan pages

What every marketer, communicator and PR pro should know.

Facebook is constantly tinkering with its ecosystem and manages to stir up and annoy its users as they attempt to adapt to the new changes.

Protests and feelings ran so high with the latest changes that a Mashable survey found more than 70 percent “hated” the new Facebook news feed changes.

The challenge for Facebook marketers is keeping up with the changes that matter. Some are cosmetic, but others will possibly impact fan engagement and number of “likes.”

Here’s what you need to know:

Facebook has introduced a new metric called “People Talking About This,” which will publicly reflect the number of conversations happening about brand pages. It’s a new metric to follow on the new “Insights” analytics tool.

1. Insights analytics tool

The new insights tool allows you to:

  • See how posts you put on your page reach people on Facebook, beyond just your fans.
  • Track numbers for “total likes,” “friends of fans,” “people talking about this,” and “weekly total reach of a page.”
  • Optimize content for posts—whether they’re photos, videos, questions, etc.—and see what’s working best at reaching the most people, and how to increase the viral nature of these posts.

2. People Talking About This

This measures users’ interaction with your fan page over the past seven days. This includes:

  • Liking your page
  • Posting to your wall
  • Liking, commenting or sharing one of your page posts or other content on your page such as photos, videos and albums
  • Answering a question you posted
  • RSVP-ing to one of your events
  • Mentioning or photo-tagging your page
  • Liking or sharing a check-in deal, or checking in at your place.

This metric appears under the number of “likes” in the left column of your page.

3. Conversations on Pages

Conversations on Pages let brands reach more than just their fans, which is important in increasing awareness, finding new customers, and even driving sales. This reach extends to “Friends of Fans.”

4. Premium ad unit

Facebook expanded its premium ad unit to combine page posts with social context from your friends when available. If a person viewing a brand’s ad has friends connected to that brand’s page, Facebook will share which friends like the page.

5. Facebook page Insights API

To encourage third-party development and analytics innovation, Facebook announced a page Insights API for the analytics developer community. It allows them to create customized page Insights solutions for existing and potential clients.

For more on these changes read Search Engine Land’s article.


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