A laugh and a lesson from a wily professor

Sometimes we learn what’s most important not from a textbook, but from a mentor’s ingenuity. Offer this amusing tale to your co-workers to prompt a smile and a knowing nod.

Communicators, we know your colleagues are looking to you for news and information related to the pandemic. It can be anxiety-producing for many, which is why we’ve launched a series called “Inspiration Break.”

Consider sharing an inspirational story, anecdote or essay that offers perspective, such as the one below. If nothing else, it’s a brief respite from an otherwise stressful day.

Here’s a lighthearted look at the importance of taking on a challenge:

A college professor gave a final exam in which the questions were divided into three categories.

He told the students they did not have to answer all the questions. He gave them the option of selecting which category they wanted to provide the answers for, but there was a catch.

The first section was the most difficult and was therefore worth 50 points. The second section was less challenging and was worth 40 points. The third section was the easiest, worth just 10 points.

After the tests were graded and returned, it became clear that regardless of whether their answers were correct, those students who answered questions in the first section received A’s. Students who chose the second section received B’s, and anyone who opted for the easy section received a C.

When some students objected to the professor’s methods, he said, “I wasn’t testing your knowledge; I was testing your aim.”

Taken from Bits & Pieces.


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