A look back: The top writing/editing stories of the year

Words to cut, use more, and know how to pronounce made the list of the most-popular stories on writing and editing this year.

Should you use one or two spaces after a period? That was a hotly debated question and of high interest to our writer/editor readers this year. Hopefully you can find your views represented in one of the nearly 140 comments on the topic. If not, chime in. Interestingly, this story debuted in 2011 and we ran it again this year to readers’ delight.

We’re happy to see the story on how to write a thank-you note was widely read. In the text-speak era, it’s certainly a good reminder.

Here are the rest of the most-popular stories on writing and editing this year:

1. The rule stands: One space after a period. Period.

2. 10 ways to improve your writing skills-quickly

3. 10 words everyone should know how to pronounce

4. 10 words to cut from your writing

5 . 7 errors even good writers miss

6. ‘Awesome’: The most overused word in English

7. How to write a professional thank-you note

8. 11 frequently botched AP style points


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