A quick and dirty guide to Tumblr

If your ideal customers are between the ages of 15 and 34, you need to be on Tumblr. This guide helps you get started.

Is your brand on Tumblr? Is Tumblr part of your social media strategy?

According to some new research from Simply Measured, the answer is probably yes. This micro-blogging platform puts out millions of posts daily; there are more than 108 million active Tumblr blogs.

Before you run over to Tumblr to start blogging and reblogging, let’s review the basics:


With any strategy, you want to look at what audience is on the site you want to infiltrate. Tumblr has a younger demographic. According to comScore, 40 percent of Tumblr’s audience is 15-24 years old. Sixty-three percent is under 34. That’s a young market.

If your target market is filled with Baby Boomers, it’s safe to focus your time and energy elsewhere. If you’re looking to get in front of teenagers and young adults, this network is worth investigating. Spend your time where it counts.

If you want to know why teens love Tumblr, here is a great thread on Quora.

Now that you know whether you should create a strategy for Tumblr, let’s make sure you sound the part.


Post: A post is the individual piece of content you publish, and is usually (but not limited to) a text, photo or video. Other types of posts include chats, quotes, audio, video and links.

Reblog: A reblog is when you republish someone else’s post onto your Tumblr blog.

Tumbling: Tumbling is the act of using Tumblr. It’s a verb.

Notes: Notes are the number of reactions a post has. This includes likes, comments and reblogs.

Comments: Comments are typically reserved for users who either don’t have a Tumblr account or are not logged into their accounts.

Likes: Likes are the little clickable heart buttons at the bottom of every post. When you click one, Tumblr automatically adds that post to the “liked” section of your dashboard.

Dash/dashboard: Your dash, or dashboard, is your Tumblr home screen. This is where the posts of all the people you follow—including yourself—will filter in real time.

Ask: Asks are private messages that your followers (or general users, if you allow it) send you. You can publish your answers publicly on your dashboard or privately to the asker’s inbox.

Tumblog: A Tumblog is your page. It’s located at the personal URL you create. For example: YOUR-URL.tumblr.com.

Tracked tags: Tracked tags are the hashtags you’ve searched and bookmarked to monitor on a regular basis.

Radar: Radar is reserved for posts the Tumblr staff specifically selects. These posts are usually featured in the sidebar of your dash for 24 hours.

Activity: Activity is the amount of action you and your posts receive. This includes likes, new followers and reblogs. You can monitor your activity over a one-day, three-day, weekly or monthly period.

Do you really want to fit in? Check out Timmy Calhoun’s crash course in Tumblr vocabulary.


GIFS are the most popular and well-liked type of content on Tumblr. GIFs are soundless, animated images that loop indefinitely. If you’re going to get into the Tumblr game, you should invest some time and money into creating GIFs. Aside from GIFS, images work wonders, too.


The key, like on any social network, is to create shareable content. In Tumblr’s case, that’s content that people reblog. The more times your content gets reblogged, the wider the exposure.

Shelf life

Tumblr has a pretty long shelf life. In fact, it is longer than that of any other social network.

That’s because of reblogging.

Almost one-third of reblogs take place more than 30 days after the initial post. To put this into perspective, Facebook posts typically get burnt out in a few hours.

Businesses on Tumblr

Here are some examples of brands and small businesses that use Tumblr well:

Ready to get started?

Stephanie Frasco is a social media marketing consultant. A version of this article originally appeared on Convert with Content.

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