A step-by-step guide to influencer marketing

Looking to engage and partner with social media users who have large, thriving followings? Take the mystery out of the increasingly popular strategy with this infographic.

Walk into nearly any marketing meeting, and you’ll probably to hear a reference to “influencers.”

Many marketers want to know: How can we get social media users with large, engaged followings to tout our brand?

Influencer marketing has become the go-to method for getting some of todays’ top social media users to rave about your organization (or at least cast it in a positive light).

A recent TapInfluence study reported that the strategy works. On average, influencer marketing yields 11 times greater return on investment than traditional digital marketing methods.

A recent Twitter study backs that up: Forty percent of respondents in its study said they’ve purchased an item online after seeing an “influencer” use it on a social platform.

Engaging with social media powerhouse users is not a one-size-fits-all activity. To help brand managers, Digital Authority produced a series of infographics around this topic to help marketers understand types of brand “influencers”:

The company also provided a guide to understanding the types of influential social media users your organization should target and work with:

Once you’ve figured out whom you should work with, make sure you choose the right strategy to interact and partner with them. Follow this infographic to do just that:

How have you worked with powerful social media users, Ragan readers?

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