Addressing the unintended consequences of a hybrid workforce

Hybrid work may be the new office norm for many workers; however, this model may be having an impact on employee wellbeing, especially over time.

The pandemic saw many offices clear out as employees headed to their home bubble, offices have since begun opening back up to a changed landscape. While some organizations are mandating office work, others have opted for a more hybrid workplace model. This flexibility gives many workers enhanced mental health and emotional wellbeing, having more control over how, when and where they work, reducing stress for many. Not only that but remote and hybrid working models have resulted in higher productivity among those workers for organizations. But there’s more to the picture.  

Laura Putnam, CEO and founder of Motion Infusion and author of “Workplace Wellness That Works,” talks with Ragan about the unintended consequences on both employee wellbeing and the bottom-line objectives of organizations and what the future may hold.

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