Air Canada lays off 5,100 as Domino’s prepares to hire 10K, Facebook grapples with deleting misinformation, and studios release films early

Also: Josh Gad’s storytelling efforts, an infographic for savvy information consumption, how to pitch during COVID-19, Google Trends data, and more.

Good morning, PR pros:

 Actor Josh Gad has been reading children’s books live on Instagram and Twitter each day at 7:30 p.m. Eastern time in an effort to entertain both children and adults who are staying indoors:

The feel-good effort shows the power of storytelling. How are you reaching out to offer comfort to your audiences?

Here are today’s top stories:

Air Canada lays of 5,100 employees as Domino’s hires 10K

As airlines like Cathay Pacific Airways and Air Canada continue to slash passenger capacity and flights, job cuts continue. Air Canada announced it was temporarily laying off 5,100 of its employees.

However, not all organizations are bracing for job cuts. Organizations focused on delivery are experiencing higher demands as quarantines continue, with Domino’s preparing to hire roughly 10,000 full- and part-time workers.

CNBC reported:

The company is looking for delivery drivers, pizza makers, customer service representatives, managers and licensed truck drivers for its supply chain centers. The need will vary based on individual stores.

“Our corporate and franchise stores want to make sure they’re not only feeding people, but also providing opportunity to those looking for work at this time, especially those in the heavily-impacted restaurant industry,” CEO Ritch Allison said in a statement.

Why it’s important: No matter your organization’s status or continuing strategy, ensure you’re communicating early and often with your employees, focusing on their needs and remaining as transparent as possible.


Is it OK to pitch a story that isn’t about COVID-19 to reporters right now? Our VP of editorial, Roula Amire, caught a panel of journalists from outlets like NPR and business trades to see what kinds of stories they are looking in these unusual times.

Here’s what they had to say.


PRSA and PRSA Health Academy recently created an infographic to help stop the spread of misinformation during the pandemic, and it’s “1,2,3” outline can be a helpful way to organize your crisis communications:

Infographic courtesy of PRSA and PRSA Health Academy.

Now more than ever, it’s crucial for communicators to practice savvy news consumption practices and help employees and consumers do the same. You can also increase stakeholder trust and strengthen your reputation by integrating these best practices, along with being as transparent, authentic and timely as possible with your messages.

Facebook struggles to delete false information

The social media platform’s automatic system to remove spam and misinformation surrounding the COVID-19 outbreak has also been removing news stories and factual content. The content is usually restored by Facebook, but that hasn’t stopped users from turning to other platforms like Twitter to complain.

The platform is also grappling with taking down ads for face masks, which it promised to forbid starting March 6.

 CNN Business reported:

Rob Leathern, the director of product management at Facebook who is responsible for the advertisements team, appeared to acknowledge Wednesday night that Facebook’s systems still need improvement.

“We have been preparing for more automation catching these ads, but it is not there yet,” Leathern said when asked on Twitter by CNN Business why an advertisement for an “N95 Face Mask” was served to one user.

Why it matters: Automatic systems can be incredibly convenient, but they have shortcomings. If you’re automating your efforts in any way, including posting to your social media accounts, don’t forget to check those systems to ensure that your messages are going out as planned and you’re responding to your followers’ questions and concerns.


The fundamentals of good PR are more crucial than ever for dealing with the current crisis. That’s the main takeaway from PRSA Chair Garland Stansell who spoke with PR Daily Editor Ted Kitterman.

See his full remarks here.

Disney, Universal and more release films digitally

The Walt Disney Co. has released “Frozen 2” on its streaming platform, Disney+, three months early, and starting today, Universal Studios is releasing on digital platforms its films that are still in theaters, including “The Invisible Man,” “Emma,” Trolls World Tour” and “The Hunt.”

Other studios including Lionsgate and Warner Bros. are following suit by releasing films including “The Way Back,” “I Still Believe” and more to digital on-demand platforms early. TV Guide compiled a list of releases.

 Why you should care: Many organizations are being forced to pivot as the crisis grows, which means finding new ways of offering value to target audiences. Think about how you can provide your offerings differently to accommodate those working from home and staying inside. Be flexible in both your business continuity plans and in your communications.


 Google Trends has created a COVID-19 hub that displays a list of searches and trending queries from U.S. users:

Image courtesy of Google Trends.

The tool can help you keep on top of news and updates that might affect your crisis communications efforts and could also help you create content that caters to your audiences’ current questions and needs.


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