Announcing’s ‘How we role’ series

Our new column will showcase top communication teams’ structures and workflow frameworks. Are you ready for your closeup?

Ragan's 'How We Role' series

Corporate communicators often operate on a lonely island.

There’s no manual or playbook to dictate how to do what you do, which can lead to self-doubt, frustration and no small amount of anxiety.

“Are we organized in the right way?”

“How on earth do other communicators operate?”

 “I sure would like to see some other org charts.”

“How can I partner with other departments?”

“Is our team normal? Have I lost my marbles?”

If you’ve ever muttered any of these things at work, boy, do we have some content for you.

Our new “How We Role” series will shine a light on communication teams’ processes, protocols and configurations. Our hope is that this feature will give our community of communicators insights into how their fellow practitioners are tackling common workflow challenges—and earning a prominent seat at the decision-making table.

If you’re an internal communicator—and you’d like to know whether others report to the CEO or to marketing, or how they forge bridges with HR, for example—please take a few minutes to answer a few questions here. It’s a win for everyone. You’ll showcase your own team and give our community of readers practical insights into how to do their jobs better.

Thank you in advance for your participation, and thanks—as always—for reading.

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